NORML @ UCF Rebrand (2016)

logoblkgld-03 normlgrngld-04

This is a rebrand created for the University of Central Florida’s chapter of NORML: the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws.

NORML is nationally known as the leading force for the end of federal prohibition in the marijuana industry, but their reach also begun to take hold state-by state. Florida NORML, NORML Gators at the University of Florida, and NORML@UCF are the chapters here in Florida. NORML@UCF has been a Student Government funded organization at the University since 2001 and has since been a part of local awareness and marijuana-related political campaigns. Most recently, “Yes On 2” was a campaign supporting Amendment 2, a statewide amendment of marijuana laws in Florida that was on the ballot in 2014.

Old logo:


The current president of NORML@UCF identified that the logo being used for the organization needed a facelift after getting backlash regarding the image of the organization during the Yes On 2 campaign. Seeing as the 2016 campaign and election cycle is underway, the organization requested a rebrand to better fit the scrutiny of the public eye, especially within the political realm.

On April 20th of 2016, NORML@UCF rolled out their new image:



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