The New Q- A Documentary on the Manhattan Underground LGBT Club Scene

This has probably been one of my favorite projects to date.

The New Q is going to be a short documentary focusing on the lives of 3 queer folk who identify as “Club Kids”, people who spend the majority of their time going to events as promoters and bringing people into their lifestyle. Events like 11:11, On Top at Le Bain, Battle Hymn, and Flash Factory are a few of the NYC hotspots for these eccentric party-goers. Having been to 11:11 myself, I can attest to the spontaneous, crazy, but somewhat heart-felt culture that these people share. In order for me to begin my outreach as a professional start-up documentary, I would like to have an established logo that speaks to the documentary’s theme.”
Thomas Goonan, Executive Producer of “The New Q”

Many concepts were tested but only one seemed to capture the true essence of the feel of this upcoming film…




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